I don’t like Hitler, honestly.

See the truth in everything. In every position that anyone might take, be it political or otherwise.  There’s truth in it all. There might only be a little bit of truth amidst a whole pile of nonsense, but it will be there. Religion has truth, in amongst the superstition and ignorance. Even Hitler had some truth, and he’s just about the worst guy who ever lived! (Wow, you can’t really blurt that out without going into what that truth might have been. Ok.) Just off the top of my head, let’s focus on one of the things Hitler didn’t like about the Jews – they stuck together. Now most of us think that’s a positive quality to have – folks sticking together is good, right? Well, yeah, but when you form little mini-societies that are meant to flourish at the expense of everyone around you, it’s not so cool. Although that’s capitalism, right? What’s the difference between forming a corporation that’s meant to make a profit off everyone that’s around, or having a religion that sets you apart for the betterment of your group over everyone else’s. Well, there is no difference, I suppose. The point is, even though Hitler was an evil bastard who summed up the worst qualities of humanity, you can still find little bits of truth floating around in his twisted ideology. Well, why wouldn’t you? He was still a human being, right? He, like all of us, must have had glimpses of truth from time to time. Ok, I can’t believe I’m looking for positive things about fucking HITLER, of all people. Sorry, folks. Also, I’m not slamming Jews, just a philosophy. Fuck,I should just delete this post right now.


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